[Grml] My Grml improvement suggestions

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Tue May 9 15:32:34 CEST 2006

* HXC <hxc at planet.nl> [20060509 15:15]:

>  1 Base it on testing (etch)
>  Forget about unstable. There are enough distro's out there that are based on 
>  debian unstable. I found them all extremely volatile. You never knew what 
>  happens next after a dist-upgrade. Debian Etch on the other is up to date and 
>  without much problems. Another benefit from switching to Etch would that the 
>  developers have more time on their hand to focus on grml instead of fixing the 
>  errors in the unstable branch. And grml would also stand out more in the 
>  excessive amount of debian distro's available. So I say remove all unstable 
>  repositories! ;-)      Users who really want could add them themselves but _i 
>  think that debian etch shoul be default.

grml is a live-cd. A live-cd for sysadmins and texttool-users.  A
live-cd bringing current versions of software to grml's users.
Using it as a harddisk based system is an option and a nice addon
but not the major goal of grml. If you can't manage Debian/unstable
you shouldn't use grml as your main harddisk system.

Debian testing is a bad choice for me, you neither get really stable
nor current software.

>  _2 Add an option to install grub instead of lilo with grml2hd.

Grub is to broken for my taste. Lilo works.

>  3 Less windowmanagers please
>  Grml comes with a whole array of windowmanager most of which are in my opion 
>  not good enough. I think it will provide more clarity  if the amount of 
>  windowmanger would be largely decreased. You seem focused on fluxbox and I 
>  would choose to make that one the default. Thanks to the debian apt-get system 
>  the other windowsmanagers are just an apt-get install away. You could make an 
>  oversight in the grml wiki of the available windowmanagers and their pro and 
>  cons.

Different tastes, different window managers. Chose whatever you

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