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Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Jun 26 02:00:14 CEST 2006

* s. keeling <keeling at spots.ab.ca> [20060626 01:50]:

> I tried grml2hd, told it to install to /dev/hdc2, expecting it to
> notice it didn't have enough space, and it did notice.  I thought it
> would then ask me if I had any other partitions I wanted to add.  It
> didn't.  It wrote it all to hdc2, ran out of space, and reported the
> installation was successful.  Back to the drawing board.

There does not exist something like "other partitions to add".

> Can I edit /etc/grml2hd/config and stuff mount commands in the
> PREwhatever function there?  Where should they be mounted?  Is that
> config file read and used _anytime_ grml2hd is run or only on
> automatic runs?

Yes, /etc/grml2hd/config is meant for automatic runs (currently).

> I hope to have:

>    /      /dev/hdc2
>    /home  /dev/hdc3
>    /usr   /dev/hdc6
>    /var   /dev/hdc5
>    swap   /dev/hda7
>    swap   /dev/hdc1

> I've already created the partitions and made filesystems on them.  I
> just need them to be there when the installer goes to write the
> system.  Afterwards, I can reboot the CD, mount / somewhere, tweak
> fstab, and I should be good to go from the installed grml.

> Anyone ever tried this?  If this is currently not possible, I suppose
> it falls into the wishlist bucket.

This is possible only with a few manual tweaks. ;)

The long answer:
We are implementing exactly this feature in grml2hd currently.

It's known as:

| "mounting target" => mount several partitions to one target and
| don't run mkfs then but just copy grml to the target

on our grml2hd's todolist. This way you should be able to mount
whatever partition to a /mnt/target which will be used by grml2hd
then.  Probably you will have to adjust /etc/fstab on your own then,
but let's see what the implementation exactly brings. This feature
should be available with the next major release of grml2hd if
everything works as expected.

The short answer: it's definitely on our todolist. :)

Another megabytes the dust.
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