[Grml] grml2hd

s. keeling keeling at spots.ab.ca
Mon Jun 26 01:28:55 CEST 2006

I tried grml2hd, told it to install to /dev/hdc2, expecting it to
notice it didn't have enough space, and it did notice.  I thought it
would then ask me if I had any other partitions I wanted to add.  It
didn't.  It wrote it all to hdc2, ran out of space, and reported the
installation was successful.  Back to the drawing board.

Can I edit /etc/grml2hd/config and stuff mount commands in the
PREwhatever function there?  Where should they be mounted?  Is that
config file read and used _anytime_ grml2hd is run or only on
automatic runs?

I hope to have:

   /      /dev/hdc2
   /home  /dev/hdc3
   /usr   /dev/hdc6
   /var   /dev/hdc5
   swap   /dev/hda7
   swap   /dev/hdc1

I've already created the partitions and made filesystems on them.  I
just need them to be there when the installer goes to write the
system.  Afterwards, I can reboot the CD, mount / somewhere, tweak
fstab, and I should be good to go from the installed grml.

Anyone ever tried this?  If this is currently not possible, I suppose
it falls into the wishlist bucket.

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