[Grml] grml2hd

s. keeling keeling at spots.ab.ca
Mon Jun 26 03:02:15 CEST 2006

Incoming from Michael Prokop:
> * s. keeling <keeling at spots.ab.ca> [20060626 01:50]:
> > I tried grml2hd, told it to install to /dev/hdc2, expecting it to
> There does not exist something like "other partitions to add".
> [schnip]
> We are implementing exactly this feature in grml2hd currently.

Thanks Michael.  Drat.  I was hoping I'd find that in expert mode.  Oh
well, no problemo.  Everybody's got 80 Gb hard drives these days,
right, so nobody worries about /var filling up?  :-) I'll blow away my
partitions and install as one monolithic ptn for now.


   grml bootfrom=/dev/hda8/scratch/iso/grml_0.6.iso \
      lapic vga=normal gmt pnpbios=off nopcmcia


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