[Grml] more praise and encourgement and suggestions

Kevin Jones kevin at kevinrj.net
Fri Feb 24 03:30:39 CET 2006

I'm in a computer forensics class and they're using the helix cd. However,
it's heavily gui oriented, so not the best choice for screen reader users. I
think forensics can be added to the description of grml as being for text
tools and network administrators.
I found another forensic specific linux cd called "the penguin sleuthkit"
put together by Ernest Baca
Ernest has a list of 38  tools he felt were esential for a linux cd to be
acceptable for forensic use. Grml has 34 out of 38 of these tools; very
the entire list of tools can be found at
The list of 4 tools not currently in grml is
4. glimpse - Command line data indexing and searching tool. Need external
storage to run properly - www.webglimpse.net
8. fenris - Multipurpose tracer - razor.bindview.com/tools/fenris/
20. TCPtraceroute - Command line traceroute TCP packages -
37. dig - Command line tool for querying domain name servers - read man page
(man dig)
Have these tools been considered as additions?
I'm still increasingly impressed the longer I've been playing with grml, and
have been telling my friends. One question I have is does grml have many
sighted users considering that it doesn't have much of a gui interface?

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