[Grml] RE: Grml Digest, Vol 10, Issue 14

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Tue Feb 21 16:21:25 CET 2006

* Kevin Jones <kevin at kevinrj.net> [20060221 15:15]:

> Hello and thank you to the grml team. With the help of a friend here I have
> grml running nicely on a pendrive, I was even fortunate enough to have a
> laptop that had 1 of 3 supported wireless cards, just have to tpe dhclient
> and speechd-up after bootup

Great to hear.

> How much like a normal linux install is grml now that I have it running on a
> pendrive.

It's Debian unstable plus some extra packages.

> Have any users tried installing extra packages?

Of course you can install additional software, as it's Debian.
You have full access to the Debian software pool.
"aptitude update ; aptitude install $PACKAGE"

> Maybe we could consider a larger image specifically for pendrive
> users with more programs installed.

With "more programs installed" you mean compared to grml-small?  A
grml-usb version is on the todolist. I have an unofficial version of
grml-usb available on my developer box (about 240MB ISO) but
currently I don't have the time to spend even more work on another
flavour of grml.

> Have a question though, How can I change the keyboard to Dvorak.

Run 'loadkeys i386/dvorak/' and press the tab-key to get a list of
possible keymaps. Use the power of zsh! :)

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