[Grml] more praise and encourgement and suggestions

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Fri Feb 24 17:17:55 CET 2006

* Kevin Jones <kevin at kevinrj.net> [20060224 04:15]:

> I'm in a computer forensics class and they're using the helix cd. However,
> it's heavily gui oriented, so not the best choice for screen reader users. I
> think forensics can be added to the description of grml as being for text
> tools and network administrators.

Hehe yes :)

> I found another forensic specific linux cd called "the penguin sleuthkit"
> put together by Ernest Baca
> Ernest has a list of 38  tools he felt were esential for a linux cd to be
> acceptable for forensic use. Grml has 34 out of 38 of these tools; very
> nice.
> the entire list of tools can be found at
> http://luge.cc.emory.edu/psl.html
> The list of 4 tools not currently in grml is
> 4. glimpse - Command line data indexing and searching tool. Need external
> storage to run properly - www.webglimpse.net

Thanks for hint, the tool probably will be shipped with the next

> 8. fenris - Multipurpose tracer - razor.bindview.com/tools/fenris/

fenris was shipped until grml 0.5. The latest debian package was
available on 13-Jun-2005.  It has been removed from the debian pool,
quoting http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=322601 ->

"There's one RC bug reported against it (#319562), which I
think requires some help from the upstream author, but he doesn't
respond to mails."

And quoting the project homepage
http://lcamtuf.coredump.cx/fenris/devel.shtml ->

"currently serving version 0.07-m2 build 3245 (3270kB), uploaded at
Sunday, 11 July 2004, 01:44 EST"

AFAICS it is not supported and developed anymore and I do not know
anyone using fenris nowadays.

> 20. TCPtraceroute - Command line traceroute TCP packages -
> michael.toren.net/code/tcptraceroute/

tcptraceroute is available on grml (tcptraceroute 1.5beta6-1).

> 37. dig - Command line tool for querying domain name servers - read man page
> (man dig)

dig is shipped with grml of course, it's part of the dnsutils

> I'm still increasingly impressed the longer I've been playing with grml, and
> have been telling my friends.

Hehe great :)

> One question I have is does grml have many sighted users
> considering that it doesn't have much of a gui interface?

Sorry, I don't understand your question. Do you mean GUIs for sighted
users or GUIs for non-sighted users? grml provides the console with
all it's capabilities and as well the X window system (through
running grml-x....).

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