[Grml-devel] Git repositories cleanup at git.grml.org

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Sun Jun 12 14:22:11 CEST 2011


one step on our agenda is to get rid of unused/unmaintained/
outdated stuff. Thanks to efforts mainly by Christian I started to
edit our gitosis configuration accordingly.

The following git repositories have been removed from the listing at
http://git.grml.org/ but are still available through git-ssh access
for Grml developers. If you care about a repository/package please
inform us, otherwise the repositories will be dropped at least once
we move from gitosis to gitolite and the according Debian packages
will be dropped from deb.grml.org as well then.

* aamath
* advchk
* afflib
* base64
* cdrtools
* cmospwd
* ctris
* dd-rhelp
* dupmerge
* elizatalk
* espeakup
* fvwm-crystal-minimal
* gatling
* glipper-nognome
* grml-files64
* grml-samsung-x20
* hg-doc
* hg-to-git
* histring
* i855-crt
* incron
* initramfs-tools
* ipw-firmware
* iscsitarget
* libgebi-dev
* linux-kernel-headers-grml
* md5deep
* minised
* minised_bk
* nntpview
* nozomi-source
* op
* pip
* prism54-firmware
* python-axon
* python-axon.mq
* rainbowcrack
* rephrase
* sbd
* shmux
* sitar
* squashfs
* squashfs-lzma
* squashfs-lzma-tools
* udev
* unsorted-patches

No git repository available anymore (since hg->git switch),
but packages that are considered for removal from deb.grml.org:

* amap
* asleap
* texttools-doc

Next step will be then to go through the list of remaining packages
and repositories and decide which ones need some more love, should
go towards Debian, etc.

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