[issue1118] GRMLCFG partition used without boot parm.

Christian Hofstaedtler bts at bts.grml.org
Sun Dec 25 03:37:37 CET 2011

Christian Hofstaedtler <ch at grml.org> added the comment:

Hi Charles,

http://grml.org/config/grml-autoconfig.1.html states this:
Without any additional boot parameters, the GCA at DCSDIR/config.tbz is 
automatically unpacked and DCSDIR/scrips/grml.sh is automatically executed on 
system startup. The noautoconfig boot parameter disables this automatic 

I couldn't find a change modifying this behavior, so I'd say this should always 
have been the case. If it didn't work previously, it might have been a hidden 
bug ;-)


messages: 4172, 4173
nosy: cahewson
priority: feature
status: chatting
title: GRMLCFG partition used without boot parm.

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