[issue1118] GRMLCFG partition used without boot parm.

Charles A. Hewson bts at bts.grml.org
Mon Dec 26 20:03:54 CET 2011

Charles A. Hewson <cahewson at eskimo.com> added the comment:


http://wiki.grml.org/doku.php?id=persistency states this:
to enable the snapshoting choose the persistent mode from the boot menu, 
or add 'persistent=nofiles' to the boot command line, for example 'grml 
Just below it shows the USB layout with GRMLCFG. For clarity can we add;
"Configuration in GRMLCFG partition is automatically processed by 
grml-autoconfig. This can be suppressed with 'noautoconfig' in boot 
command line."

  I reviewed my field notes and retested with grml-2011.05. It is working 
as in that release. My notes only referred to 'save-config --help' and wiki. 
My notes did not make clear which files from|to /etc were in from GRMLCFG and 
which were from live-rw. Mixing save-config and live-snapshot IMHO made 
things too complex.


On Sun, 25 Dec 2011, Christian Hofstaedtler wrote:

> Christian Hofstaedtler <ch at grml.org> added the comment:
> Hi Charles,
> http://grml.org/config/grml-autoconfig.1.html states this:
> ---
> Without any additional boot parameters, the GCA at DCSDIR/config.tbz is
> automatically unpacked and DCSDIR/scrips/grml.sh is automatically executed on
> system startup. The noautoconfig boot parameter disables this automatic
> behavior.
> ---
> I couldn't find a change modifying this behavior, so I'd say this should always
> have been the case. If it didn't work previously, it might have been a hidden
> bug ;-)
> -ch
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