[Grml] memtest86+ in grml 2022.11

Sebastian Bachmann hello at reox.at
Sat Oct 14 18:26:11 CEST 2023


I just had the issue that the memtest86+ on my grml usb stick always 
froze during testing. I had this issue now several times with newer 
hardware and it is certainly a problem with old memtest86+.
My stick had 2021.07 on it and I replaced it by 2022.11 now. The release 
notes say that apparently memtest86+ v6 should be integrated, but it 
still boots v5.01?
To check the memory now, I grabbed another stick and dd'ed the memtest 
image for v6.2 - which works perfectly and the memtest is currently running.

I just wondered if grml 2022.11 should ship memtest86+ v6 but still 
ships 5.01 by mistake or if this is a mistake in the documentation (or 
perhaps means something different)?


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