[Grml] Running GRML in a VirtualBox virtual machine

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Mar 7 16:11:52 CET 2022

Hi John,

* John G. Heim [Sun Mar 06, 2022 at 12:52:40PM -0600]:

> I am having trouble running grml64-full_2021.07.iso in a VirtualBox virtual
> machine. It starts up okay but when I press q to exit the menu, the virtual
> machine becomes unresponsive and I lose control of my GUI on the host. The
> host is Ubuntu mate 21.10. The virtual machine has 4Gb of ram and 2 CPUs.
> Any tips on special configuration items that grml might like in a virtual
> machine?

Never observed this behavior in VirtualBox myself. Are you sure, the
ISO is fine? Executing "sha256sum grml64-full_2021.07.iso" should
report 7cec5cb3816edd55164d8d1cdfc315ecdda1ea26e5daa52fc8462f8d5bdd888d

What VirtualBox version are you're using?

Furthermore, you can send us the output of "VBoxManage showvminfo
VM_NAME" (where VM_NAME stands for the name of your Grml VM in
VirtualBox) and we can compare it with our VirtualBox VMs that are
known to be working fine. (If you don't want to share your config on
the mailing list for whatever reason, you can also drop me a
personal mail.)

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