[Grml] zfs

Christoph Biedl grml.fksi at manchmal.in-ulm.de
Tue Jun 9 20:31:13 CEST 2020

Michael Prokop wrote...

> I'm aware of folks having their own custom build of Grml which
> includes ZFS support, though providing it OOTB on official Grml
> isn't really an option, due to the licensing/legal issues caused by
> GPL-2 vs CDDL[1].

AFAIK the licensing situation is not as clear as Debian states - but
rather depends a lot on whom you ask about it. That position above
however is certainly the least risky one - the fact Ubuntu hasn not been
sued for distributing zfs does not prove it is save to do so, and grml
certainly cannot afford a law suit on this topic.

> What works though is building ZFS on the running Grml live system
> (assuming enough RAM is available, worked fine for me e.g. with 2GB
> in a VM). Relevant steps, verified on grml64-full 2020.06-rc1:

For those who are interested in rolling their own kernel: It is possible
to patch zfs support into the kernel sources, and the result is very
convenient[1]. I might try that one day for grml but currently there's a
lack of spoons and tuits.


[1] $ zgrep ZFS /proc/config.gz

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