[Grml] Several newbie questions about grml-full 2018.12

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Fri Jun 14 15:47:01 CEST 2019

* Jaime T [Fri Jun 14, 2019 at 02:34:23PM +0100]:

> I've successfully booted grml-full 2018.12 and I have a few "newbie" questions:

> At the grml-quickconfig panel that appears, I wanted to see some info
> about grml, so I pressed the "i" key (to "show some info about grml").
> But I didn't get any info: the only thing that happened was that the
> grml-quickconfig panel was printed again. Is this a bug?

This is indeed a bug, thanks for information, I've reported this as

> Virtual terminals 2, 3 and 4 all have a nice status bar at the bottom
> of the screen, but virtual terminals 1, 5 and 6 do not have this
> status bar. How can I get that same status bar on virtual terminals 1,
> 5 and 6?

This is GNU screen, just invoke `SHELL=/bin/zsh screen` to get that
on terminals not running with screen yet.

> How do I get tab completion working? (It doesn't appear to be working
> when I drop to a shell by pressing "q" at the grml-quickconfig panel).
> After much searching, I found a blog post
> (https://michael-prokop.at/blog/2008/12/19/mikas-advent-calendar-day-19-zsh-completion/)
> which suggests entering "autoload -U compinit && compinit" but even if
> I enter that line, I still only get literal tab characters inserted at
> the command prompt.

I can't reproduce this and have never seen this behavior.
What version are you running? grml64-full or grml32-full?
In what environment are you booting it? On baremetal/physical
system? In VM? In what kind of VM and with what interface

> Is it possible to get a "UK" (United Kingdom) keyboard layout?
> (Entering "grml-lang", without any argument, prints a list of country
> codes that does not include "UK").

Would executing `loadkeys i386/qwerty/uk.kmap.gz` provide what you're
looking for on the console? Does `setxkmap gb` provide what you
need in a graphical environment (execute it in a xterm in X.org).
If so, it should be easy to add support for that.

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