[Grml] Problems with zsh config

Kohby kohby at posteo.net
Tue Jan 22 22:03:00 CET 2019

Hello everyone, first time in the mailing list, hope we can get along!

I've been using GRML's zsh config for some time now and it is awesome,
but recently for some reason my .zshrc.local when sourced it returns an
error code of 1, the culprit lines are this ones I think.

grml_theme_add_token simplepath '[ %15<...<%1~%<< ] ' '%B%F{white}' '%f%b'
zstyle ':prompt:grml:left:setup' items rc change-root user at host
simplepath vcs percent

Whenever the file is sourced I get a sad face on the right and an erro
code of 1, when manually sourcing the file .zshrc.local I get this error:

grml_theme_add_token: Token `simplepath' exists! Giving up!

and then it prints the grml_theme_add_token help.
I'm not sure if this is a bug or something, probably something related
to a cache? I don't know. If I change the name of the token and save,
the first source of the file returns no error but subsequent sources
return the same error as shown above.

I'm using version 0.15.3 by the way.
Thanks for the help.

(Maybe this is a bug, if it is, I'll report it)

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