[Grml] boot problems on dell r640

Albert Dengg albert at fsfe.org
Wed May 2 20:16:14 CEST 2018


i recently got access to an Dell R640 Server and i'm having some
issues booting via the virtual cdrom feature on the remote access
card that i cannot pinpoint sofar, so maybe somebody can help me
to debug this:
* with 2017.05, it boots fine, however i have some hardware not
  recognized (namely the 10Gb network interfaces)
* i tried the testing and sid based daily images (in the later case
  also some older versions from 2018-04-30 and 2018-04-23), but
  there i cannot boot and i'm getting the following error message
  that i cannot really pinpoint:
  Reloc 0 block size 2756420659 is invalid
  Relocation failed: Unsupported
  Failed to load image: Unsupported
  start_image() returned Unsupported
  (there might be some slight typos in there, i typed it from the

  after that, i restarts and the boot menu never comes up.


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