[Grml] how to recognize each RAID member separately

josefh.maier at hushmail.com josefh.maier at hushmail.com
Sat Oct 7 13:56:04 CEST 2017

I tried to make a backup of a HP DL380 G5 (W28K) with a HP Smart Array
P400 controller with 4 RAID-members (4 75GB SAS drives)
The Linux Live DVD's and Acronis TrueImage i' am unsing, do show that
4 disks as a singe LUN :-(

To my knowledge such "Single-LUN backups" can make problem if they
should be restored if a harddisk is changed before... 

Therefore i would feel much more comfortable, if  from each harddirve
could be made a separate DD-image.
Is there a way to have GRML seen that 4 disks as separate disks (and
NOT as a single LUN)?
Thank you very much for every feedback!

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