[Grml] [Grml-devel] First Release Candidate of Grml version 2017.05 available

John G Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Wed May 17 19:42:54 CEST 2017

1.  grml2usb from ubuntu xenial worked with this release candidate.

2. My braille display was not recognized automatically. With previous 
versions of grml, I'd get braille during the boot and it would have 
braille when the grml menu came up. This, in turn, allowed me to start 
the screen reader.

3. I am not getting the grml music when the boot finishes. I am thinking 
this was removed deliberately.

On 05/08/2017 04:11 PM, Michael Prokop wrote:
> Hi,
> so *finally* we did it again, jey! The first release candidate of
> the upcoming Grml version 2017.05, code-named 'Freedatensuppe' is
> available.
> This Grml release provides fresh software packages from Debian
> testing (AKA stretch). As usual it also incorporates current hardware
> support and fixes known bugs from the previous Grml release.
> For detailed information about the changes between 2014.11 and
> 2017.05 have a look at the official release announcement:
>    http://grml.org/changelogs/README-grml-2017.05-rc1/
> Please test the ISOs and everything you usually use and rely on, and
> report back so we can complete the stable release soon. If no major
> problems come up, the next iteration will be the stable release,
> which is scheduled for the end of May (2017 *cough* :)).
> Thanks to all contributors!
> regards,
> -mika- - for the Grml.org project
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