[Grml] Is grml still alive

Klaus Fuerstberger linuxbox at arcor.de
Wed Jul 20 09:25:39 CEST 2016

Michael Prokop schrieb am 19.07.2016 um 23:22:
> * Klaus Fuerstberger [Mon Jul 18, 2016 at 09:41:01AM +0200]:
>> as I could not post a blog comment at
>> http://blog.grml.org/archives/394-Is-Grml-still-alive.html I want to
>> leave a comment to this article here.
>> Many thanks for grml all over the years. Please keep on providing new
>> releases without systemd packages. There is no need for this bloated
>> piece of software for a text based distribution for system admins.
>> Maybe you can base grml on devuan, a systemd-free, debian-based
>> distribution in the future? https://devuan.org/ I am sure that you will
>> get help there if there are any questions.
> JFTR, we definitely plan to ship Grml *with* systemd, because that
> is the way to go for us and also gives people remastering Grml even
> more flexibility WRT service startups, independent from our default
> configuration.

You made Grml for people to be flexible in remastering it? I think Grml
was, and is complete as it is. If I want to add a daemon at startup I
need no systemd to successful remastering Grml. But of course it is your

> If you're interested in a Grml flavor *without* systemd you're
> invited to work on that, you might be also interested in picking up
> file-rc as upstream respectively package maintainer (file-rc being
> the init system we relied on so far and where no maintainer seems to
> be present anymore, esp. once both Alex and me will orphan it).

Thanks for the invitation to maintain Grml with sysvinit. But I will not
have the time to maintain such a big change alone. But as grml is also
listed in
I send a copy of this post to the devuan mailing list. Maybe there will
be someone who is using Grml and interested to keep this systemd free.


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