[Grml] Own Rescue-CD based on grml

Werner P. Schulz flying at wp-schulz.de
Fri Nov 14 23:13:09 CET 2014

Am 13.11.2014 um 15:19 schrieb John G Heim:
> When you remaster grml, do you have to start from scratch each time?
> What is the basic procedure you follow?

Hello John!

is an overview of the interesting files and folders

The basics of remaster is
1. use the ISO and do a HD installation of grml32
2. decompressed grml32-full.squashfs and write it =>
3. synchronize your changes within your HD installation with
4. build new ISO of the content of '/opt/grml/remaster'

You can repeat step 3 an d 4

There is also the possibility "Do remaster from the beginning". But I
see there is an error. We have to use a origin "grml32-full.squashfs"
(and "initrd.img") from the CD for this.

Greetings Werner

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