[Grml] Own Rescue-CD based on grml

John G Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Thu Nov 13 15:19:27 CET 2014

This is interesting to me because I would like to remaster grml to make 
it even more blind friendly than it already is.  When you remaster grml, 
do you have to start from scratch each time? What is the basic procedure 
you follow?

I'd like to remaster grml to do the following:

1. Include a kernnel patched to fix a bug in the screen reader for 
hardware speech synthesizers that use the serial port.
2. Include udev rules that recognize a hardware synth and automatically 
start the screen reader.
3. Make it easier to start software speech.

Grml developers can't do #1. Well, they could but that would be going 
above and beyond the call of duty. And #2 depends on #1.

On 11/12/2014 05:06 PM, Werner P. Schulz wrote:
> Last weeks I worked again on remaster grml
> http://www.wp-schulz.de/rescue-cd-mit-grml.html
> Perhaps it may be useful for some of us.
> Greetings Werner
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