[Grml] sucessfull grml 2013.09-rc1 keyboard pt-br abnt / abnt2

gilberto dos santos alves gsavix at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 02:18:13 CEST 2013

I made tests using grml 2013.09-rc1 32bits and 64bits versions using
boot options for work with brazilian portuguese keyboard layouts abnt
and abnt2.

at grml boot press (key tab) and add following options:

xkeyboard=br lang=br tz=America/Sao_Paulo

After this quick boot if you choose q (you go to terminal session with
correct keyboard layout for computers sold here in Brazil that use
abnt/abnt2 layout.

If you choose x (for graphics options) xkeyboard brings rigth keyboard
map for work with iceweasel (firefox) browser, (like chars  /, :, ",

And about not less import time zone tz=America/Sao_Paulo or
tz=America/Brasilia (all very important for disk, file timestamps not
in utc time but in brazil localtime utc -3).

gilberto dos santos alves
sao paulo - sp - brasil

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