[Grml] Persistence not working

Evgeni Golov evgeni at grml.org
Sat Mar 16 14:47:47 CET 2013

Hi Josh,

On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 04:57:18PM -0500, Josh Lawrence wrote:

> I cannot get persistency to work with grml 2013.02.  I'm creating a
> live USB stick using grml2usb installed on my Debian Wheezy machine.
> Per the wiki, I create a 700 MB fat16 partition for grml and give the
> remaining space as an ext3 partition labeled "persistence".  On the
> persistence partition is persistence.conf setup per the wiki.  I
> execute grml2usb either with --bootoptions="persistence" or by
> choosing persistence from the menu at boot (same result).

Sounds sane so far. Can you boot with debug=1 and provide the log file 
from /var/log/live/boot.log?

>  When
> booting, here's what I see on the screen:
>     mount:  mounting /dev/sda on /root/lib/live/mount/persistence/sda
> failed:  No such device

Expected, it tries too hard to mount sometimes :)

>     mounting /live/medium on /root/lib/live/mount/medium failed:
> Invalid argument


>     Mount point '/root/lib/live/mount/persistence/sdb1' does not
> exist.  Skipping mount ...
> Am I doing something wrong somewhere in this process?  If not, is
> there a work-around that I can use?

What kind of persistence are you using? bind? union? link?
Can you post your persistence.conf please.

What version of grml2usb are you using? The 0.12.2 from wheezy?


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