[Grml] Testing current daily ISOs to go towards new release

Urs Blaser trashbox at arctus.ch
Thu May 10 15:49:46 CEST 2012


> the current Grml daily ISOs (http://daily.grml.org/) feature a fresh
> 3.3.4 Linux kernel
> grab the current daily ISOs (the testing flavours of grml-full +
> grml-small, 64bit and 32bit)

I just downloaded the ISOs for the 64bit full versions testing and sid.
But uname -r gives me 3.3.0-1-grml-amd64... what am I doing wrong?
And while am at it... after the last release, some of my favorite
packages where missing and I didn't took the time to post while the
discussion was hot. So if it's possible to include the following, this
would help me to not have to roll my own grml-live:

But that's just part of my own favorites. Needing 25MB additional space
while uncompressed. Hope this wish doesn't comes close to release now.

Didn't had enough time yet to find some more interesting issues... ;)

Best regards

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