[Grml] Updating USB stick with persistency option?

Stefan Weiss weiss at foo.at
Mon Feb 27 16:32:18 CET 2012

On 2012-02-27 15:35, William Gardella wrote:
> Stefan,
> In my experience and understanding, Debian Live persistence does present
> some issues with upgrading the underlying live system.  The files found
> in snapshots/persistence partitions always pre-empt their equivalents on
> the image, which Debian Live seems to always assume to be older than the
> snapshot.  So if you have been apt-get upgrading and installing lots of
> software to live-rw, for example, that will prevent any newer package
> versions on the ISO from being seen.  With home-rw, there shouldn't be
> as big of a headache, but of course if you have altered the
> grml-installed configuration files, those versions will remain and
> preempt the ISO (you will have to copy over new grml user configuration
> manually if you want it).  I don't know about GRMLCFG because I don't
> use it, but my guess would be that it will continue to replace the
> relevant bits of /etc/ exactly as it did on your previous ISO version.
> So I guess it will probably save some headaches to wipe live-rw, but
> home-rw should be okay.
> Best,
> Will

Thanks, that makes sense.
I think I'll just play it safe and wipe all the snapshot partitions
before I upgrade. It's unlikely that I'll make major adjustments to the
system anyway, apart from installing a few packages and storing shell
scripts in $HOME.

- stefan

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