[Grml] Booting grml from the iso file itself

Arbiel Perlacremaz arbiel.perlacremaz at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 00:53:18 CET 2012


I downloaded grml96_2011.12.iso and I would be glad to boot this file 
without having to burn a CD or to write it down to a USB stick.

I've already done this for Ubuntu distros and for Clonezilla, and I 
found it very helpful.

I've been through the iso file to look for the grub.cfg file and I found 
out that I could write a little grub.cfg file of my own to launch 
grub.cfg which resides in the iso file. I got the menu generated by the 
following lines

for config in /boot/grub/*_default.cfg ; do source "$config" ; done
for config in /boot/grub/*_options.cfg ; do source "$config" ; done
source /boot/grub/addons.cfg

and I choose the first entry, grml32. The boot process than proceded 
until I got an error message stating that

BOOT failed
grml32 2011.12 Release Codename Knecht Rootrecht [2011-12-23]

And the explanation was

Unable to find a medium containing a live file system.

I suppose this message results from the fact that I've not been able to 
correctly set the iso_path and the kernelopts variables which are used 
as parameters of the linux command of the menuentry command.

The grub.cfg file I wrote contains the following commands

function iso_virtuel {
search --file --set=root --no-floppy /${2}
loopback iso ${1}${2}

menuentry 'grmliso' {
iso_virtuel / "grml96_2011.12.iso"
set root=(iso)
set iso_path=(iso)
configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Thank's in advance to anybody would could provide me with some piece of 


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