[Grml] Thai characters are displays as squares

Chaitat Pi chaitatp at gmail.com
Tue Dec 25 05:47:00 CET 2012

Dear Grml

I thoroughly understand that Grml doesn't support installation on harddisk
(grml2hd).  It is ok if you won't fix it.  I just would like to inform
you.  And if it is easy to fix, I just wish maybe you would consider it.

Grml 2012.05 32-bit

Running as a live system, inside grml-x, it displays Thai characters
properly as in screenshot grml-x-livecd.png .

Running from harddisk (grml2hd), inside grml-x, it doesn't display Thai
characters properly.  It shows square letters instead as in screenshot
grml-x-grml2hd.png .

This has never happened before with other version of Grml I have been using

I just think that grml2hd just installs the same state as the running live
Grml into harddisk.  Maybe there are some more complex tasks involved?
Maybe it is easy to fix?  Maybe not?

As I already mentioned above, I won't be upset if you won't fix this.

Merry X'mas ; ))))

I love Grml.

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