[Grml] Problem with grml autoconfig

Ulrich Dangel mru at grml.org
Tue Sep 6 09:01:45 CEST 2011

* Bojan Sukalo wrote [06.09.11 08:37]:
> Thank You once more.
> Thing with keys works like a charm.
> I tar all the dirs you mentioned to config.tbz on GRMLCFG labeled fs (preserving absolute path) and it gets restored on boot.
> As for ssh:mysecret that was typo and ssh=mysecret doesn't do any
> good. Maybe it's a bug or I make mistake somewhere else along the way.
Just tested it and it works for me. Please note that the password is set
for the user grml.

> Also, to avoid these kind of problems it seems to me that
> configuration is somewhat misleading.
> I'll quote from grml-autoconfig web page:
> Without any additional boot parameters, the GCA at DCSDIR/config.tbz
> is automatically unpacked and DCSDIR/scrips/grml.sh is automatically
> executed on system startup
> DCSDIR/scrips/grml.sh shoud be, according to my experience DCSDIR/grml.sh
It seems to be a little bit more complicated. If you are not using the
GRMLCFG label i think it should have worked.
I think we can change that to check for DCSDIR/scripts/grml.sh first and
if not existant DSCDIR/grml.sh second.

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