[Grml] Problem with grml autoconfig

Bojan Sukalo shukalo83 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 6 08:37:04 CEST 2011

Thank You once more.

Thing with keys works like a charm.

I tar all the dirs you mentioned to config.tbz on GRMLCFG labeled fs (preserving absolute path) and it gets restored on boot.

As for ssh:mysecret that was typo and ssh=mysecret doesn't do any good. Maybe it's a bug or I make mistake somewhere else along the way.

Also, to avoid these kind of problems it seems to me that configuration is somewhat misleading.

I'll quote from grml-autoconfig web page:

Without any additional boot parameters, the GCA at DCSDIR/config.tbz is automatically unpacked and DCSDIR/scrips/grml.sh is automatically executed on system startup

DCSDIR/scrips/grml.sh shoud be, according to my experience DCSDIR/grml.sh

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On Monday, 2011-09-05 at 06:50:05 -0700, Bojan Sukalo wrote:
> Thank You.
> That helped a lot.

You're welcome.

> I know we supposed to finish this thread and start another but I need hint a bout ssh server.

> Starting an sshd from script does the job but I have problem because root password is empty so I not access the server.

I would propose that you use a key to access root on this server rather
than a password. While you could overwrite /etc/passwd from grml.sh or
config.tbz, I would not recommend to do that.

Here is what I do:

1) Create /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
2) Save these files and directories to /mnt/GRMLCFG/config.tbz:
3) Log in with the key

> Is there a workaroud. bootoption ssh:mysecret does not seem to start the sshd or to change password for grml user.

That should be ssh=password not ssh:password.

> Even if it does, will I abe able to change from grml to root without knowing the root pass.

May I suggest "sudo su -"? The grml user has full sudoers rights,
without a password. But with the default /etc/shadow, "su -" does not
request a password.

If you want to use /mnt/GRMLCFG/config.tbz, here is what I use to manage
it. I write the file and directory names to /mnt/GRMLCFG/config.list and
run this little script (/mnt/GRMLCFG/save-config) to refresh


tar cvfjpP /mnt/GRMLCFG/config.tbz -T /mnt/GRMLCFG/config.list

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