[Grml] Accessibility works fine for me

Michael Whapples mwhapples at aim.com
Sun Nov 6 18:20:33 CET 2011

Just a quick note that for what I could test of the medium64 daily build accessibility seemed to work.

Here is what I tested:
* Let the ISO boot normally on a MacBookPro.
* I got nothing to indicate that the CD had finished booting (don't know if that is what should happen currently). I just listened for when the CD activity seemed to stop.
* I then tried to start brltty with no options and it started fine detecting my Braille display.
* Then I checked sound levels. Everything except master seemed to be muted. As there was one channel labelled front speakers I decided to raise this volume first. Not sure if that is needed but if it is for sound output then may be that needs to be changed so that I will not need to raise that level.
* I loaded the speakup_soft module which worked fine.
* Started espeakup which also started fine.

Things I could not test:
* I could not test hardware speech output as my apollo synthesiser requires a serial port and the MacBookPro has no serial port. The MacBookPro is the only 64-bit computer I have.

The main issues which come out of this is, some way of knowing the CD is booted (may be a sequence of beeps) and possibly the sound not being properly unmuted (which possibly is a hardware specific issue and may be harder to fix for "everyone").

Michael Whapples

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