[Grml] Please don't take out accessibility away, I'll manage it

Doug Smith braillefingers at gmx.com
Fri Nov 4 01:54:03 CET 2011

Hi, all the people here on the grml mailing list.  Please 
don't take away accessibility, I'll manage it.  You will 
have to give me step-by-exact step instructioons for how you 
got it to work that way and I will do it.  

I can learn, if you will some how show me how to do it.  I 
have a 64 bit machine, so I probably will be best to do the 
64-bit version.  I just want a system that is all command 
line and handles current web technologies as well or better 
than the gnome-orca-firefox combination if possible.  Is it 
possible to rewrite all those graphical applications so that 
they will work in command line?  Can this process be 

On the other hand, how hard would it be to build a NSA-like 
system that captures all the contents of the internet and 
redistributes it in a non-graphical form?  Can't the blind 
community just build or get hold of some kind of 
supercomputer and then use artificial intelligence to rework 
all the internet sites into a non-graphical format and then 
set up a network provider that can be accessed by 
command-line only users to get the same content everyone 
else does? 

That is a research project for the future.  If anyone has 
that kind of computing power available, please direct me to 

If no one wants to do this, theen, can you direct me to a 
way of getting command line accessibility on the command 
line in a 64-bit bersion? 

Please don't take accessibility out of grml.  If you will 
show me just exactly what to do to get it to work and then 
build an iso, I can manage it.  


Doug Smith

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