[Grml] Is nss-ldap missing from grml 2010.04 ?

Thomas Köhler jean-luc at picard.franken.de
Mon Jan 3 09:42:00 CET 2011


Ulrich Dangel wrote:
> * jonty wrote [02.01.11 16:01]:
> Are you sure grml is the right distribution? It is not meant to be used
> as a normal desktop system. If you want to run normal Linux Desktops
> just use a normal Distribution like Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL or Opensuse.

While generally true, I chose grml as my desktop system of
choice. I just remaster to add a few extra packages. It has all
it needs, quickly accepts patches ;) and just works. Especially
if the Desktop has the tendency to live on a USB disk and walk to
the hardware where I need it. :-)


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