[Grml] removal of "buffer" command? alternatives?

Tom {Tomcat} Oehser tom at toms.net
Wed Dec 28 05:32:15 CET 2011

> Yes, have a look at htop instead.

atop/htop I don't care so much about, but, buffer is more of an issue.

Ouch!  Even lzop is gone!  This is 2/3 or a command I use very often! 

 buffer -i <device> -z256k -p75 -m10m | lzop | buffer | nc <hostname>

And while I can always fake buffer with 'dd' and bad performance, if
I have a backup in .lzop format, I'm just screwed now!

> > I'm unconvinced that filling 50% of iso images with unused stuff
> > (64 unused on 32, 32 unused on 64...) is an ideal trade-off.  I'm
> > just sayin...
> Hm? The default images are 64bit or 32bit only.

I guess I was figuring that the cute point of going from 700mb to 350mb
was to fit both images on the 96.

Frankly, I boot GRML from 4GB USB sticks, which are costing $8, I don't even
put an optical drive in machines anymore.  I do not see the point of reducing
functionality.  For what?  Bandwidth is going up, media sizes are going up,
prices are going down...  I think it is a good idea to keep the media size at
CDROM size or less, but, 350?  I do - not - see - the - point!  I mean, what
media are smaller than 700 and larger than 300?  How many people are going to
prefer the quicker download?  First ubuntu, now grml?  <rant='off'/>

When I read the description, I thought, this sounds fine, after all, I don't
need my sysadmin tool to have 50 zillion window managers... but I didn't
expect to find text-mode command-line tools I use like buffer and atop gone!
Now I'm afraid to look to see what else is missing that matters...

Now, I love smallifying more than _anyone_ - tomsrtbt was my doing, back in
the day - and I could certainly figure out how to customize and add stuff in.

But, the reality is that I switched from my own tomsrtbt to knoppix and then
to grml because they "just worked" - grml has the lvm2 and the swraid and the
command line tools I need - it had become the 'answer' to my bootable system
needs.  For me, going from 700=>350 has no "upside", with a fast connection
and a 4GB USB stick.

Glancing through the "removed" list, I don't _know_ i'll need arj or bin86 or
cpuburn or dsniff or expect or fatattr or gdb or hexedit or info or etcetera
during a recovery situation - but I know I'd rather have them than not have

Is the "full" version just *gone*?  I really *liked* the mix of software there!

-ack! -Tom

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