[Grml] mirror grml

Christian Hofstaedtler ch at grml.org
Thu Dec 15 23:05:19 CET 2011

* John Heim <jheim at math.wisc.edu> [111215 19:07]:
> I would like to set up a grml mirror site.  How do I do that?

You should mirror at a fixed interval, preferably every 4 hours,
using rsync from rsync://ftp-master.grml.org/grml/

Your mirror site should make the contents of this directory
available via HTTP, rsync and FTP at protocol://your.mirror/grml/

Please send your mirror site name, admin email address, bandwidth
information, update frequency, country/location to mirror at grml.org.
Your mirror will then be added to the download.grml.org GeoIP balancer.


christian hofstaedtler

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