[Grml] Installing/configuring plain-Debian system with grml-specific > kernel/Speakup/other options (Keith Hinton)

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>   1. Installing/configuring plain-Debian system with   grml-specific
>      kernel/Speakup/other options (Keith Hinton)
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> Subject: [Grml] Installing/configuring plain-Debian system with
>        grml-specific kernel/Speakup/other options
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> Hi,
> I have read all documentation available throughout http://www.grml.org itself.
> Despite all this, I am presented with a situation that I'm trying to figure out.
> The GRML kernel for quite sometime now (beginning with release 2009.10
> and above) has continued to provide excilent support for my wireless
> card in a new laptop computer that I recently aquired.
> I happily have been executing grml-network to configure the wireless
> card, enable WPA-encryption, and everything else needed to launch
> primary networking on the GRML CD with the Speakup Linux screen
> reader, and as of right now am using present available stable release
> of GRML LiveCD.
> What I am trying to do is:
> 1. Install a Debian system (rather than GRML directly to hard-drive) however:
> 1. Somehow I need grml's kernel (the one compiled for 64-bit support)
> the present available version to somehow be used in the Debian
> environment on my hard-drive, because you folks have already taken
> care of the Speakup modules, and the CPU frequency scailing and other
> options.
> I'm trying to figure out to do that, and the second thing I am asking
> for assistance in doing is:
> How to insure that WPA works out of the box with the given wireless
> network I'm trying to use (or that grml-network) will be able to make
> use out of the Debian system to assist me with this task.
> That's specifically what I'd like to do-I just don't want to have to
> spend millions of hours trying to fight the grml-specific stuff to get
> what I'm trying to get working.
> GRML's kernel is half the battle; the rest of this fight is in getting
> grml-network to work from within the plain Debian system on top of
> having GRML's 2.6.whatever kernel installed rather than the standard
> kernel that Debian would use-because that kernel would then require
> possible manual configuration-and I am not even sure if Speakup itself
> is a Debian package-I assume the GRML team uses Speakup from Debian
> Cid/Unstable.
> If anyone from the GRML team could assist me in this matter or if
> anyone else using GRML specifically has any specific ideas on this
> process, I'd appreciate whatever assistance possible.
> While plenty of GRML documentation does exist, there isn't anything
> specific to what I'm trying to have done so that's why I'm asking here
> for any possible suggestions.
> (The hardware works perfectly fine on the GRML LiveCD system.)
> I'm just trying to figure out how to make sure that when I reboot,
> GRML's present kernel will run, along with
> Speakup/espeak/espeakup/etc, along with grml-network etc.
> I could of course install GRML itself via grml2hd, but would rather
> install a plain-Debian system instead.
> Thanks for helping.
> Regards, --Keith


I can confirm that the grml kernel installed and worked just fine on
64 bit Debian Sid.  I did not try the speakup and related packages.

glenn greenfield

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