[Grml] grml 2009.10: strange behavior of networking script?

Peter Mattern matternp at arcor.de
Tue Mar 23 15:39:04 CET 2010


Booting grml on a machine connected by cable to a LAN comprising a 
DHCP-Server brings up two interfaces, lo and eth0. Both are included in 
/etc/network/interfaces by means of the "auto" stanza and work just as 
one would expect.

If I prompt
# invoke-rc.d networking stop
nothing seems to happen. According to ifconfig, both interfaces remain 
up and the network is still available.
If this command is repeated two more times using start and stop as 
argument, eth0 will be brought down while lo remains up.
 From now on, invoke-rc.d start|stop will bring eth0 up / down every 
time it gets invoked with the respective argument.

Btw., there's the very same behavior if I prompt /etc/init.d/networking 
instead of invoke-rc.d networking

What I'd actually expect, is invoke-rc.d networking stop to bring down 
eth0 already the first time. At least, this behavior can be seen on 
Debian. Thus, I'm way confused. Is something going wrong here? Am I 
missing something? Anything else?

Thanks in advance,

Peter Mattern

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