[Grml] GRML's udev and Debian's udev

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Tue Oct 27 00:19:33 CET 2009

* Michael Whapples <mwhapples at aim.com> [20091024 12:41]:

> I have been intending to ask this for sometime but never quite got round 
> to it.

> On my GRML HD installation when I have been upgrading packages I keep 
> getting a conflict involving udev. It seems to be that libgudev 
> (probably is something to do with the gnome packages I have installed) 
> depends on libudev0 >= 146 but GRML provides libudev0 0.141-1grml.04. 
> This raises a few questions:

> * Would it be safe for me to upgrade to the Debian version of udev, I 
> have held off as udev is quite core to the system and I don't want to 
> really mess up my system.

Shouldn't cause any problems on harddisk installations.
Though having a *working* grml CD/USB-pen available is always a good
idea. ;)

> * Why does there seem to be a difference in the Debian package numbering 
> and the GRML numbering (GRML seems to be providing 0.XXX where as Debian 
> seems to have XXX, surely the versions don't differ as much as this 
> suggests).

There's no big change, it's just that the numbering scheme changed
in Debian lately. It used to be something like 0.141-1 for Debian
and 0.141-1grml.03 for the grml package, though as soon as we rebase
to Debian's 146-6 it will become something like 146-6grml.01 as well

> * Would it be possible for GRML to provide a suitable updated udev 
> package to match the Debian one?

Post grml 2009.10 sure, though we are holding udev back for a number
of reasons for the current stable release.

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