[Grml] GRML's udev and Debian's udev

Michael Whapples mwhapples at aim.com
Sat Oct 24 12:41:03 CEST 2009

I have been intending to ask this for sometime but never quite got round 
to it.

On my GRML HD installation when I have been upgrading packages I keep 
getting a conflict involving udev. It seems to be that libgudev 
(probably is something to do with the gnome packages I have installed) 
depends on libudev0 >= 146 but GRML provides libudev0 0.141-1grml.04. 
This raises a few questions:

* Would it be safe for me to upgrade to the Debian version of udev, I 
have held off as udev is quite core to the system and I don't want to 
really mess up my system.
* Why does there seem to be a difference in the Debian package numbering 
and the GRML numbering (GRML seems to be providing 0.XXX where as Debian 
seems to have XXX, surely the versions don't differ as much as this 
* Would it be possible for GRML to provide a suitable updated udev 
package to match the Debian one?

Thank you

Michael Whapples

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