[Grml] grml2hd on daily sid and squee

Dietmar Segbert didi.segbert at arcor.de
Sun Oct 4 20:02:00 CEST 2009


i want to install the daily build of grml sques install onto a partition  
of my asus eeepc 1005ha-m, so i downloaded the daily build of 4. october  
and put it onto a usb-stick.

I start grml from the stick an start brltty and swspeak. I have edited the  
/etc/grml2hd/config for my needs and run




but that produces some errors in line 114 115 and some other lines  
unexpected ..

Sorry, that i can not write teh whole errormessages  here.

What is the correct command for grml2hd to install noninteractive with  
edited config-file in /etc/grml2hd? Or is there an another error?
I have also tested the daily sid, but with the same errors.

Regards and thanks for yor help.


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