[Grml] Speakup doesn't speak German correctly and is only partial usable

Hermann meinelisten at onlinehome.de
Fri May 22 16:05:07 CEST 2009

perhaps this is better written to the Speakup list, but I'll try to put
this here:
When using Speakup together with Espeak either via Speech-dispatcher with
speechd-up, or together with Espeakup, The speech does not recognize all
characters correctly:
Most annoying are the German umlauts, which are not recognized at all by
Espeakup and only partially by speechd-up.
In the latter case I can hear them when typing and continuously reading,
but they are pronounced wrong when deleting them and when moving char by
char via the cursor-left-right keys.
For Example: "ü" is "power" and "ä" is "sigma".
Moreover: An "a" is spelled as "aik", and all punctuation chars and
numbers are in English.
Most unusable is Espeakup, where it is impossible to read a German text.
What is the experience of other non-English Speakup users?
Note: It is not an Espeak problem, because when I use it with
Speech-dispatcher and the speech functions, provided by the screen
readers Brltty and Suse-Blinux, they work well.


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