[Grml] Can Grml tell (and repair) what Fedora did?

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon May 4 12:59:13 CEST 2009

* Hubert Gabler <loipersb at aon.at> [20090427 10:54]:

> I have a mini-notebook Acer One with Linpus Lite installed. Playing 
> around with this nice little toy I successfully installed Ubuntu 9.04 
> (replacing Linpus) and on USB-sticks Debian Live and grml 2008.11-rc1. 
> Everything worked perfectly.

> Then I wanted to install Fedora 10, which semmed to take more time than 
> expected and so I left the Acer unattended over night. Next day the 
> display was frozen and I tried to reboot with the Grml-USB-Stick. 
> Booting stopped quite soon, telling me "This grml image failed to boot" 
> and "No supported filesystem images found at /live". Then came the 
> prompt (initramfs).

> Hopefully I tried the (previoulsy working) Debian Live Stick. Same 
> thing, booting stops at (initramfs).

> Now I decided to start from scratch and made a new setup with Acer's 
> recovery disk. System works fine, but Grml and Debian Live still end 
> booting with those error messages.

> Can it be that the unsuccessfull Fedora installation damaged for 
> instance the buit-in RAM or did other nasty things? Can I find out with 
> help of Ubuntu or Grml 1.1 (works both from CDROM and from a USB-stick) 
> what is the reason and how to return to the original state?

If Linpus Lite works but Fedora/Debian/Grml/... don't it shouldn't
be a problem with RAM, though running memtest won't hurt. :)

Check whether the IDE/SATA configuration in BIOS got changed, looks
like a change from AHCI to IDE mode (or something like that) or the
other way arround for me.

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