[Grml] GRMLCFG working on 2008.11?

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Fri Mar 13 00:39:49 CET 2009

[Sorry for the long delay in answering your mail. When digging
through my mailbox I noticed nobody answered your mail.]

* Johannes Kastl <ojkastl at gmx.de> [20090213 15:49]:

> I started the grml 2008.11 ISO image in a virtual machine (VirtualBox
> 2.1.12 on OSX 10.5), which had a 5 GB hard disk. I partitioned the hard
> disk, and labelled one partition GRMLCFG (obviously after formatting it
> ;-) ). After restarting I mounted the image, and used

> save-config -all

> to created a file called config.tbz on that partition.

> It seems to me that when booting something from that partition is copied
> (long list of files), but neither the language setting nor the network
> settings are restored. Is this normal? Should those settings be stored,
> or are they excluded? As far as I understood the docu the whole /etc
> should be saved.

This is a known limitation because GRMLCFG is used too late in the
bootprocess for some stuff like language settings. I forwarded this
issues to our bug tracking system:


> During saving the config, I get errors the first time I run save-config,
> saying that file xyz changed during reading. Disappears the second time
> you run save-config.

Thanks for reporting. GNU tar sucks BTW. ;) Anyway, should be fixed
with grml-saveconfig version >=0.2.7.

> P.S.: If this message appears twice, then posting via gmane *does* work...

Yeah it does :)

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