[Grml] Using VMware Workstation on GRML Linux

Keith Hinton keithint1234 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 03:05:11 CET 2009

> On 3/2/09 12:27 AM Keith Hinton wrote:
>> The problem is, how will I instruct it to boot the necessary VMware
>> services on boot of GRML itself?
> You unpack the tar (to /opt/vmware), and then run vmware-install.pl,
> which copies the files to the right places /usr/lib/vmware/,
> /etc/vmware/, /etc/init.d/...).
> So basically I would say the procedure is the same as with any other
> linux distribution.
Okay, but is the vmware-install.pl script part of the origenal
vmware.com workstation tarball hear? Or is this some Debian-specific
>> I also hope, that I will be able to simply do an grml-x gnome and have
>> gnome launch directly and then run VMware workstation.
> Gnome should have any kind of autostart.
You have to spesify a window manager to grml-x, correct prior to
useing it? As in grml-x Gnome?
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