[Grml] Using stable Debian brnaches for packages on GRML

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Sun Mar 8 00:41:21 CET 2009

* Keith Hinton <keithint1234 at gmail.com> [20090308 00:16]:

> If you wish to use GRML as  a hard disk system, what happens if you
> attempt to use stable Debian packages to avoid breaking things?

It *might* work but probably just fails, because grml is based on
Debian/unstable and not on Debian/stable.

> Why Apache and stuff is included on a Debian-unstable system is beyond
> me. Especially because the software should not be included in the
> first place.

Because people might need it on a live-system. Just because Apache
is shipped you don't have to run a public server, I'm for example
using apache/lighttpd/... listening on the loopback interface only
for developing purposes.

> I have read the Debian unstable FAQ, and the answer in that document
> is "Are you insaine? No!" To the question about "Should I run
> Debian-Sid on my server?"

True. But who said you should run grml on your server?!
As stated on http://grml.org/grml2hd/ =>

| Notice that grml is based on Debian unstable, so you really should
| be familiar with Debian unstable if you plan to use grml as a
| harddisk system.

> GRML includes Speakup accessibility, wich I require in my Linux
> kernels; and often don't have time to compile a Linux kernel,
> therefore I use GRML. Would I be better off installing a plain Debian
> system rather than GRML perhaps on my laptop When I get back in the
> next few weeks to set it up?

If you can't deal with Debian unstable: yes.

Oh and just because you're using (plain) Debian doesn't mean that
you couldn't take a known-to-work grml-kernel.

> GRML is rather cool, but the fact that you folks have included
> services on it at all is a bit..concerning.
> What if grep or something was to break on GRML?

The *released* *stable* versions of grml tend to be what they are
supposed to be: stable. If you *install* it and upgrade it on your
own you are expected to know what you're doing.

> Considering that you're based on the Sid branch. How about security
> related updates (wich are not provided for Debian-unstable packages)
> in the first place for users installing GRML directly to hard-drive?

Short: Debian unstable doesn't provide security-support.

> Despite GRML being an extremely cool Linux system, it is still based off Sid!

Sure, but that's a feature, not a bug. :)

Lenny based grml images are available as daily snapshots:


Though grml always was and still mainly is a *live* system. It just
provides the *option* to install it to harddisk if you want to and
know how to deal with it. If you are just interested in some few
components of grml for your plain Debian installation it's pretty
easy to get them.

Sometimes I wish I would have made grml2hd a bit harder to use. ;-)

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