[Grml] Using VMware Workstation on GRML Linux

Johannes Kastl ojkastl at gmx.de
Mon Mar 2 17:31:34 CET 2009

On 3/2/09 12:27 AM Keith Hinton wrote:

> The problem is, how will I instruct it to boot the necessary VMware
> services on boot of GRML itself?

You unpack the tar (to /opt/vmware), and then run vmware-install.pl,
which copies the files to the right places /usr/lib/vmware/,
/etc/vmware/, /etc/init.d/...).

So basically I would say the procedure is the same as with any other
linux distribution.

> I also hope, that I will be able to simply do an grml-x gnome and have
> gnome launch directly and then run VMware workstation.

Gnome should have any kind of autostart.

The day Microsoft makes something that doesn't suck is probably the day
they start making vacuum cleaners.

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