[Grml] Poll closed - Result (was: Request for Comments / Poll: removal of LaTeX on grml)

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Jun 29 14:33:31 CEST 2009

* Michael Prokop <mika at grml.org> [20090615 12:09]:

> especially on grml64 we are running out of space and I'm thinking
> about removing LaTeX from grml, which would save us 100MB of
> uncompressed space.


> I'd like to know *your* opinion on this issue, so please let us know
> your opinion through this poll:

>   http://doodle.com/3dnzvhv43tmhpcpn

Thanks for participating!

I just closed the poll (100 participants is such great number for
calculating percentages ;)). The final result:

64 votes for: Remove LaTeX from grml
20 votes for: Keep LaTeX on grml
15 votes for: grml devs, do whatever you think might be the best
 1 invalid vote (user decided to select none of the valid options)

So just 20% voted for keeping LaTeX - as a result I removed the
LaTeX (related) packages from grml (GRML_FULL) for now. The
grml-live build framework provides a new class named LATEX now:

  Drop LaTeX packages from GRML_FULL; provide LATEX class

This means that it's possible to build grml providing LaTeX on your
own by just enabling the LATEX class in the grml-live cmdline.

The current daily snapshots of grml are build *without* LaTeX


Note: this doesn't necessarily mean that LaTeX has gone from grml
forever. For now we will drop LaTeX and work towards the next stable
release but let's see what future brings. :)

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