[Grml] grml_2009.05.iso and swspeak

Hermann meinelisten at onlinehome.de
Mon Jun 29 09:53:44 CEST 2009

Am 29.06.2009 02:19, schrieb Michael Prokop:
> * Martin McCormick<martin at dc.cis.okstate.edu>  [20090629 02:10]:
>> Boot the CDROM and wait for things to settle down. type
>> swspeak=espeak and hit Enter. Nothing.
>> 	I had a sighted person watch and the first thing to hit
>> the screen is a picture of a keyboard and the boot prompt. If I
>> then type swspeak=espeak or swspeak=speechd, the screen goes
>> black and the CDROM drive runs for a few more seconds and then
>> nothing.
> Boot using 'grml swspeak' and then type just 'swspeak' when booting
> finished.
Perhaps Martin has the same problem than I have with the latest GRML CDs:
They don't start, no matter what I type.
I also have an older machine from 2002.
To Martin: Does the CD start at all? What happens if you simply press 
enter when the boot prompt appears?

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