[Grml] Request for Comments / Poll: removal of LaTeX on grml

Werner Flamme werner.flamme at ufz.de
Mon Jun 15 14:26:12 CEST 2009

Michael Prokop [15.06.2009 12:04]:
> Hi grml users,
> especially on grml64 we are running out of space and I'm thinking
> about removing LaTeX from grml, which would save us 100MB of
> uncompressed space.
> I'm talking about the following Debian packages:
> | auctex catdvi ctioga dvipng gnuhtml2latex lacheck latex-beamer
> | latexmk latex-mk latextug latex-xcolor libkpathsea4 libtioga-ruby
> | libtioga-ruby1.8 pdfjam pgf preview-latex-style tetex-bin tex-common
> | texify texlive texlive-base texlive-base-bin texlive-common
> | texlive-doc-base texlive-extra-utils texlive-fonts-recommended
> | texlive-lang-german texlive-latex-base texlive-latex-recommended
> | texpower tth vim-latexsuite
> I'd like to know *your* opinion on this issue, so please let us know
> your opinion through this poll:
>   http://doodle.com/3dnzvhv43tmhpcpn

Well, for me the choice is easy. Since I use grml mostly as an emergency
boot system, I do not need LaTeX. And when I use grml as a regular
working base, I can install LaTeX via some installation sources quite

Of course you can build a "grml-big" (grmbl :-)) version of grml with
all those things some users would like to add to grml ;-). Or build a
"personal grml" via web interface - the grml base plus checkboxes for
umpty application packages :-)


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