[Grml] speakup.synth boot parameter and grml2hd

Alexander Wirt formorer at formorer.de
Sat Jun 13 13:48:18 CEST 2009

Hermann schrieb am Saturday, den 13. June 2009:


> > What is the best way for me to test this? Do I need to just install a 
> > later version of grml2hd when running the CD (eg. aptitude update; 
> > aptitude install grml2hd) or do I need to download a new CD image (ouch, 
> > that will hit transfer allowance)?
> >
> The first should work; this morning I got a new grml2hd via
> safe-upgrade. (installed grml-2008-11)
> If you want the latest grml2hd on CD, you only can find it on the GRML
> daily CDs, I guess.
This is of course wrong. 

"deb     http://deb.grml.org/ grml-testing main"
to your sources list will enable you to get the latest packages from grml. 


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