[Grml] Creating a bootable DVD using grml and grml64

Ernesto Domato edomat at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 23:48:45 CEST 2009

2009/6/7 Michael Prokop <mika at grml.org>:
> * Michael Prokop <mika at grml.org> [20090607 03:17]:
> Thorsten Glaser and I already worked out a generic grml2iso script
> which doesn't even require a loopback device anymore (but please
> make sure to use the most current grml2usb version from git for
> now):
>  http://git.grml.org/?p=grml2usb.git;a=blob_plain;f=grml2iso;hb=HEAD
> Please report feedback.

Well, I tested the grml2iso script using the last grml2usb version
from git and it worked flawlessly on the 32-bits version and 64-bits
version of grml creating a DVD and CD from several grml flavors.

The only thing that I saw from the script grml2iso is that you should
place "libc6-i386 [amd64]" on the depends part of the control file for
the grml2usb packages because grml2iso use the grub-mkimage from the
i386 binary package and it will not work on amd64 without the
libc6-i386 package. The grml64 already has this packages but if you
want to install grml2usb on a Debian AMD64 installation, the script
will fail.

Now, I can start replacing my sysrescd (that is a nice bootable rescue
CD but uses gentoo as it base and I'm working with Debian so it's
easier for my to customize it and use it with the Debian servers that
I administer).


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